ACDelco Oil Filters are the Best in the Car Maintenance Business!

There’s only one family of oil filters you can count on to keep your engine ACDelco Oil Filtersrunning clean and strong, and that’s ACDelco. With an ACDelco Oil Filter, dirt and contaminants don’t stand a chance of getting into your engine. A clean, healthy engine results in your clean, healthy state of mind. In many ways, your engine’s health is an indication of the quality, performance and life span it will deliver. And, part of maintaining a health engine is to keep it clean and contaminant-free.

Why Advantage Auto Repair of Parker uses ACDelco Oil Filters:

  • They are built using the worlds best design technology
  • They reduce wear on your engine
  • They have tight seals that prevent unfiltered oil from entering your engine
  • They boast superior filter capacity, enhanced efficiency consistent flow management and high durability – making them some of the best performers on the market
  • And they fit 99% of all cars, light-duty trucks and SUVs on the road today

Worth its weight in gold for your engine – ACDelco Ultraguard Gold Oil Filters.

Protecting engines better than any other oil filter on the market, ACDelco Ultraguard Gold Oil Filters are built using state-of-the-art filter technology that helps them reduce engine wear by 74%.

In addition, ACDelco Ultraguard Gold Oil Filters:

  • Remove contaminants before they enter the engine
  • Boast the highest efficiency rating on the market at 98%, trapping particles as small as 8-10 microns* (Based on an independent study)
  • Ensure a fresh supply of oil to the bearings, rings and other moving parts
  • Have a Teflon-coated gasket that protects against leakage and makes them easier to install and remove

ACDelco Duraguard Silver Oil Filters. Another precious metal guarding your precious engine.

Designed for tough driving, this ruffed performer helps protect your engine against the demands of difficult road and weather conditions.

Duraguard Silver Oil Filters also:

  • Use synthetic cellulose media, which helps trap harmful engine contaminants as small as 15 microns, so your engine is exposed to fewer damaging particles* (Based on an independent study.)
  • Ensure a fresh supply of oil to the moving parts of your engine
  • Have a Teflon-coated gasket that protects against leakage and makes them easier to install and remove
  • Comes with a static-cling window sticker to help you remember to change your oil filter Your protection from contaminants – ACDelco Duraguard Oil Filters

Rely on Duraguard Oil Filters to:

  • Trap particles as small as 25 microns, insuring a clean supply of lubricating oil flow into the moving parts of your engine* (Based on an independent study.) Provide a leak-proof connection with the double lock seal at the base of the filter shell and gasket retainer plate, so dirty oil stays away from your engine
  • Thermosetting adhesive seals hold the paper media in place for consistent, dependable oil filtration throughout the filter

ACDelco Oil Filters. A vital part of the Engine Management family.. As part of ACDelco’s Engine Management family, we offer a wide selection of spark plugs, fuel pumps, fuel filters, transmission filters and air filters. And out filters fit 99% of all cars, light-duty trucks and SUVs on the road today.

A name you can trust – with years of experience to prove it. ACDelco has been a leader in the automotive replacement parts business for more than 75 years. And, we’re proud to offer a full line of automotive parts for whatever you drive.

For more information about ACDelco Oil Filters, or any other part for your vehicle, please call Advantage Auto Repair of Parker at 303-805-8070


I have had Advantage work on a couple of problems with my Jaguar XKR, and Frank has both correctly diagnosed the problem and repaired it correctly. This shop has been a great alternative to Jaguar..."
by LMcD
I had my car serviced at Advantage and it was excellent, cost just what they said it would, and it was done on time. It was also cheaper than going to the dealer.‎"
by Jack
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