Air Conditioning System Service

Refrigerant is vital to the short- and long- term operation of an air conditioning system. It is the refrigerant that is responsible for trans- porting the lubricant throughout the system. Low or no refrigerant will not provide adequate compressor lubrication.

Check for Leaks

Technicians should check with both a UV light and a quality elec- tronic leak detector to confirm that there are no leaks present after system service. Replacing a compressor will not ensure that a refrigerant leak is fixed. Vacuum and pressure leak checking will not locate leaks that will cause com- pressor failure in several months.


Debris particles from a compres- sor failure will flow throughout the refrigerant system in both directions. Although a majority of debris travels downstream from the compressor, upon shut down and equalization of remaining refrigerant, the flow reverses and flows from the compressor suction port toward the suction muffler, hose, Accumulator/Dryer (A/D) and evaporator. These particles imbed themselves in various internal com- ponents and cannot be 100% flushed out. They will find their way back into the replacement compressor.

System Flushing

A/C system flushing should be performed when one of the following conditions is found:

  • A desiccant bag failure
  • A catastrophic compressor failure causing oil contamination

The flushing procedure uses a J43600 ACR 2000 Air Conditioning Service Center that has built- in A/C system flushing capabilities. It uses liquid R-134a refrigerant to properly flush the A/C system. The use of alternate methods that utilize solvents has proven to be detrimental to A/C system performance and durability.

Before beginning the flushing procedure:

  • Install a new filter inside the J-45268-1 A/C Flush Adapter Kit for every flush
  • Check that the ACR 2000 has at least 7 lbs. (3.18 kgs) of refrigerant available for charging in the machine's internal storage vesse
  • Always close the valve on the ACR 2000 external refrigerant tank

Additional Protection

To help avoid repeat compressor failures, a liquid line filter and a suction screen is recommended to control system contamination. ACDelco recommends the use of a suction screen on all compressor replacements where the replace- ment compres- sor does not come with an internal suction screen. The installation of the low-cost suction screen provides additional protection to the precision replacement compressor installed in a compromised environment.

In addition, an in-line filter will help prevent rear Thermal Expansion Valves (TXV) and orifice tubes from premature plugging. An in-line filter is a universal one-size-fits-all part that has a significantly increased debris contain- ment screen and a technician-friendly leak-free installation design. It also can be employed as a line splice for repair- ing leaks on A/C lines to rear systems.

The first step is to inspect and clean or replace the existing system debris containment components. These include the orifice tube, TXV screen(s), A/D or Receiver/Dryer (R/D) and any inline filter. The A/D or R/D cannot be service cleaned. The general rule of thumb for A/D or R/D replacement is:

  • A/D or R/D age over three years
  • Sealant inclusion within the system
  • Significant debris found within the system after compressor failure

In addition to reviewing the existing OEM filtration devices, it is important to remember that the OEM system was installed with a certified clean system. Once a component fails, the only way to ensure the system is completely, 100% clean is by replacing all A/C components, which is rather impractical. Therefore, it is critical for the technician to provide protective devices not originally included in the OEM system (they were not needed under factory new conditions) to prolong service repair life.


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